So whether you are a Scot, of Scottish descent, or simply love Scotland, YOU are invited!


Inverness Tours has used professional expertise to develop high quality Clan Tours, as their input to this very special year.
The Clan System was very territorial. Each of the Clans occupied a specific area. The size of this area and the associated power might wax and wane at different times in history, but the whole clan system was inextricably bound into the idea of specific clanlands. In Gaelic, if you were to ask where someone was from, you would ask “Co as a tha sibh?” The direct translation is “Who are you from?” You don’t need to ask more than that, because knowing who tells you where.

Bearing all of this in mind we have developed these Clan Tours to take you into a given Clan’s ancestral area, often with a look at the castle which was the original Clan seat, or their place of power.

Where we are visiting the lands of a more powerful clan there may be a number of castles to view. Some castles are, of course, in ruins. We also visit the market town or village of your Clan, and other places of significance. These may include the sites of heroic deeds or even the hereditary burial grounds.

Every Clan comes complete with its clan songs, clan legends, clan feuds, clan stories and places of power and we are ideally placed to awaken all of this sleeping history, and bring it to life with you enjoying a centre-front seat.

Why not book one of these special Clan Tours now? We are prepared to consider any Clan Name and, if necessary, undertake additional research before you arrive. The Clans to whom this is already tailored, however, are shown in the left index. Click on them and details of the itinerary will appear in a pop-up window (if you can't see them check if they are in your task bar or check your Internet Options to be sure you have pop-ups enabled).

While you are in the area we will also be happy to (where possible) put you together with people who can take you to spend time on the ancestral estates, or take you to play golf in the footsteps of your ancestors, or visit old textile mills and simply indulge in some relaxing retail therapy!

Get in touch! We are waiting to show you your country, and tell you your legends!