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A02 All Day Inverness Tour to Historic and Tragic Culloden Battlefield, Clava Cairn, Fort George and Cawdor Castle - up to Eight Hours

Tours are exclusive, but some people have offered the spare seats on their tour as shown in green below

For a full list of dates see the bottom of the calendar page.


This Inverness Heritage Tour to Cawdor Castle, Culloden Battlefield and Fort George is a combination of H6 & H7 half day tours. 

We collect you from your hotel or other location and head eastwards from Inverness towards Culloden.Fort George - (C) Historic Scotland

At Culloden you will be given a personal guided walk around the battlefield, providing a real insight into the reasons behind the choice of this site for Britain's last battle. An emotive location, we will try to make you part of the tribulations of that dreadful day in April 1746 when Bonnie Prince Charlie's uprising came to its tragic conclusion.

After Culloden the government built Fort George to put the Highlanders down once and for all. This incredible fortress is still home to the British army and will be of great interest to anyone fascinated by Scotland's more recent (250 years) military history.

En route to Cawdor Castle enjoy stories of witches, murdering kings, bloodthirsty megalomaniacs, tragedy and pathos. We also see the remains of a Mott, Cantraydoune, which dates to around 1200AD.

Witches from the Webmaster's multi-media production Macbeth ExperienceBut expect to be surprised. Our independent guides will put a whole new slant on Macbeth. this fascinating king who was born a thousand years ago in the Viking Capital of the North of Scotland. Elected king of Scotland in 1040, he went on to expand the nation into a country larger than it had ever been, before or since. So why did English playwright, William Shakespeare, turn one of Scotland's finest early kings into a murdering villain and his kindly Queen Gruoch into Lady Macbeth, the epitome of evil? Your guide will enthral you with the truth about this king and his tragic legacy.The 14th century kitchen at Cawdor Castle

As part of the tour a visit is made to the remote and inaccessible Cawdor Castle (only until 2nd October) where you can explore the fabulous grounds and/or historic buildings of what must be the finest inhabited medieval keep in Scotland.

Although Macbeth is called "Thane of Cawdor and of Glamis" in Shakespeare's play, Cawdor Castle was not built until the fourteenth century, three hundred years too late! Nevertheless it is a fascinating and romantic place to visit and will be a highlight of any Highland holiday.

Price: From £360 for guide and vehicle - check top of calendar for how many passengers each guide can carry.


The entrance to romantic Cawdor Castle on our Macbeth and Cawdor Private Tour.