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A01ii Inverness Tours Exclusive Loch Ness, Glen Affric, Strathglass, Clava and Culloden Tour from Inverness. Natural history and Heritage. This tour has been added by popular demand. Nine hours.

Tours are exclusive, but some people have offered the spare seats on their tour as shown in green below. For a full list of dates see the calendar page.                 

A tailored tour in which you are picked up from Inverness area accommodation or arrival point and taken on a terrific all day adventure, (one of the most interesting in Scotland).

The tour commences with an approach to world-famous Loch Ness, where your guide will explain the creation of the Great Glen, that massive valley running from coast to coast across the Highlands. You will see the Caledonian Canal, and then the "Loch" itself.

You will hear plenty on the historical background to Nessie, and the methods used to try to explain the mystery of the beast.

Then, at Drumnadrochit, we turn up Glen Urquhart, visit the prehistoric stone circle of Corrimony and head into Glen Affric.

Glen Affric SignAfter Glen Affric we head along scenic Strathglass and, if time permits, we'll stop at the emotive Chisholm graveyard with its fantastic Celtic crosses.

We then drive along the side of the Beauly Firth and through Inverness, seeing the burial location of the despised King Duncan and the last remaining part of Oliver Cromwell's citadel.

Heading further east you are able to choose from a number of interesting places to visit and perhaps enjoy a lunch. The main itinerary takes in one of the finest prehistoric monuments on mainland Scotland - Clava Cairns and also Culloden Battlefield where the last battle was fought on British soil in 1746. Alternatively or additionally, depending on how you have used the time, we could add Cawdor Castle during the summer season or Fort George.

Cawdor Castle is one of the finest medieval keeps in Scotland, and is surrounded by later castle buildings and beautiful gardens. It is a popular visit because of its connection, in Shakespeare's work, to the king Macbeth. It is still inhabited by the Dowager Countess Cawdor, and its gardens are a triumph!.

Fort George is the largest fort in Europe and although still in use today, it has never seen a shot fired in anger. It was built to ensure the Highlanders never rose up again. It is also one of the locations from which the Bottlenose Dolphins of the Moray Firth can sometimes be seen.

Our guides entertaingly present the Loch Ness story with authority and inside knowledge, and also have a great understanding of the region's natural history, and the uniqueness of Glen Affric.


Our independent guides will explain all about the saving of this forest from destruction in the 1950s and how it has been nurtured back to a state of natural regeneration. In addition, without the concern of having to drive yourselves on our narrow or single-track roads, you will thoroughly enjoy your experience instead of missing all of the fascinating scenery as you concentrate on driving. Dr Curran's Red Deer photograph taken while on a walk during one of our Loch Ness and Glen Affric tour.

Today Glen Affric it is a nature reserve and a wonderful place to visit, with regular sightings of deer, osprey, red squirrel, heron, foxes, golden eagle and pine marten. This picture of a deer was taken by one of our passengers, Dr Kathy Curran. It has been neither cropped nor zoomed as can be seen from the depth of field!

If your itinerary will permit you to take an all day tour, then this really is worth considering. 

Price: £395 for guide and vehicle - check top of calendar for how many passengers each guide can carry.

 Loch Ness with Urquhart Castle to the right. Private Tours A1, H1, H3 & P1Loch Benevean. Private Glen Affric Wilderness Tour Glen Affric Looking West. Private Glen Affric Wilderness Tour to the Caledonian Forest  ClavaRiver Affric and the Caledonian Forest. Part of the Private Loch Ness and Glen Affric Guided Tour CawdorA Chaffinch Feeding From a Passenger's Hand during a Glen Affric Wilderness Tour to the Caledonian Forest Loch Ness from the Air CawdorA Male Chaffinch Feeding during a Glen Affric Wilderness Tour to the Caledonian Forest Fort GeorgeA Female Chaffinch Feeding during a Glen Affric Wilderness Tour to the Caledonian Forest